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The only way to know whether your advertising is working is to track your results. Pay-per-click ads can get expensive for those selling surplus electronic components. While they do provide click tracking, they offer no verifiable client information. SearchlightTech gives you unlimited clicks and proof that you're receiving qualified leads. You can list an unlimited number of new and obsolete electronic parts as well as telephone and computer hardware components for one price with no expensive click-through charges.

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How Does It Work?

Since 2001, we've provided you with the industry's only open system, giving direct access to buyers who are actively looking for the surplus electronic components you offer.

  • The buyer searches for new and obsolete electronic parts and telephone or computer hardware and then finds your name as an active vendor.
  • Buyers can view your contact information and company description. They can also request a quote (RFQ) from your company on the parts they need.
  • The buyer fills out a short RFQ form (including their company name, address, phone and email) and emails it to your business directly from the SearchlightTech site.
  • You work directly with the buyer to negotiate a deal on the surplus electronic components you have for sale.
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Other Benefits

You also benefit from SearchlightTech's excellent search engine rankings with popular engines including Google and Yahoo!. That means your obsolete electronic parts are easily found by those searching on public search engines as well as those searching within our database. Because there is never a fee to buyers, anyone who finds your parts through SearchlightTech can quickly and easily contact you to make a purchase.

Register today and get more qualified leads with no click-through charges. When you initiate your account, you'll receive a risk-free 30-day trial.

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