Procurement and Materials Managers offers features that are unique and unparalleled in the industry:

Interaction between the seller and the buyer is unprecedented . eliminates the need for a broker between the seller and the buyer. The seller and buyer are in direct contact and exchange messages with the instant message feature or exchange offer and acceptance using the quotation and the buying features of's virtual warehouse.

Other features of now are the linkage between your product listings and the search engines associated with the web. As a seller when you subscribe to you not only enroll in the virtual warehouse community you enroll all of your listings with the search engines on the web. Anyone executing a query or search on the web will find your listing at This means that every buyer can find you without you having to do demand creation for your inventory.

Once found the buyer can interact with the seller in several interactive manners. A quick quotation can be requested where the buyer requests a quotation for a specific items or quantities of an item that you have offered for sale.

The buyer and seller can converse using the instant messenger feature. Assuring the buyer and the seller phones free for traditional business correspondence.

Improved purchase price variance is often a feature realized by seller at The seller gains the margin formerly attributed to the broker or the auction agent who formerly disposed of the excess or obsolete material for the seller.

Faster inventory turns are being realized, as there is no need to wait to assemble or package large lots of excess and obsolete for auction or broker bidding. You can list items as fast as you can identify the material that is to be dispositioned. This may mean that you can move the material and have a positive impact on the reserves being forecast by finance, within the current fiscal quarter. Improving inventory turns has a positive impact on the corporate bottom line and assures that the measurement criteria of the procurement and materials staff is being met.

Trading with like parties is another feature of Other community members are likely to have items of interest to you or your items are likely to be of interest to others in the community. This speeds overall trading and shortens your purchasing or your selling cycle.

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